THE FILMMAKER - Daniel E. Kennedy is an author/co-author of fifteen books on health including 50 Critical Cancer Answers and Undermining Cancer.Read More
Art Director - Marcela Contreras-Santini’s art makes this docuseries stand out with a captivating contemporary and eclectic look ...Read More
Cinematographer & Editor - Art Cinema emerged from Italy and has influenced filmmakers around the world for its avante-garde stylistic interpretation of beauty in mages.Read More
Sound Mixer & Designer - Alessio Costantino is the production sound mixer responsible for engineering the live sound recordings and all audio in post-production for this docuseries.Read More
Line Manager Italy - Alessandra is the line manager for the shoots in Italy and Sardinia.Read More
Fixer, China - Lingyi Chen was our fixer in China. She has extensive connections throughout China and is a celebrated fixer, line producer, researcher and consultant.Read More
Consulting Producer India - Meghna Gupta is the consulting producer for the shoots in India. She is in charge of recruiting the line producer and support crewRead More
Line Manager Israel, Jordan & China - Sophia Luvarà is the line manager for our episodes shot in Israel, Jordan and China. Sophia received her MSc with merit in Medical BiotechnologyRead More
Line Producer & Fixer India - Amit Vachharajani is the line producer and fixer for India. He has over 15 years of experience fixing shoots in India.Read More
Field Producer, Japan - Michiko Zentoh was our field producer in Japan. She is very experienced and has a deep understanding of Japanese food and culture.Read More
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