E3: Sardinia, Italy

Meet two Sardinian brothers thriving in their 90s, who still work at the family café and grow their own food in the “Blue Zone” centenarian capital of the world. Venture inside the homes of everyday Sardinians to see how traditional pastas, soups and breads are made.

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.

A graduate of Yale and Olympic Gold Medalist, Dr. Esselstyn is the Director  of the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Reversal Program at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.  He is highly recognized for his appearances in documentaries such as Forks Over Knives.


Agostino Columbano

Mr. Columbano is an expert on Sardinian culture and works at Agriturismo Lu Branu in Arzachena


Ernesto Contreras, Sr., MD

The late Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr. was an oncologist and pathologist credited with establishing the first alternative cancer treatment center in Mexico.  He founded the Oasis of Hope Hospital in 1963 with the mission of caring for the whole person—body, mind and spirit.


Francisco Contreras, MD

Dr. Contreras is an oncologist and the general director of Oasis of Hope Hospital.  He is a renown expert on alternative and integrative cancer treatments.  He is the author of twelve books including his newest book release in 2020 entitled The Art & Science of Undermining Cancer.

Free eBook: www.oasisofhope.com/UCBook
Free cancer treatment plan: www.oasisofhope.com/medical-questionnaire

Piertonio Cuboni

Mr. Cuboni is the vice-president of the olive oil production co-op Cooperativa Piccoli Proprietari e Coltivatori d’Ogliastra, located in Lanusei, Sardinia.


Sergio De La Mora

Pastor De La Mora is the found and lead pastor of the Heart Revolution Church in San Diego, California.


Anna Maria Fara

Anna Maria is a sommelier and expert in the wine, food and culture of Sardinia.  She is the founder and operator of the Sardegna Bella e Buona tour company.


Edoardo Fiorillo, MD, PhD

Dr. Fiorillo is a researcher at the IRGB Institute for Genetic and Biomedical Research, Italian Research Council. He is Scientific coordinator and supervisor of the ProgeNIA /Sardinia Project, a National Institute of Health study on longevity genes, aging and disease.


Nicola Garippa

Mr. Garippa an agronomist at UNAPROL.  He is a crop and soil management specialist, and an expert in the production and health benefits of olive oil.


Daniel E. Kennedy

Daniel is the creator, director, producer and composer of the Healthy Long Life docuseries.  His personal mission is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.



Adolfo Melis

Adolofo Melis is a man in his mid-90s who continues to work in his son’s cafe Bar Biliardi in Perdasdefogu, Sardinia.  He also grows all of his own food in the family garden.  He and his siblings set the Guinness World Record for the oldest living siblings with a combined age of 837 years.

Vitalio Melis

Vitalio is Adolfo Melis’ brother who is also in his 90s and works the family garden.

Luigino Nieddu

Mr. Nieddu is a 102-year-old citizen of Sardinia.

Raffaele Sestu, MD

Dr. Sestu is a physician in Sardinia specialized in geriatrics.

Mariuccia Vacca

Ms. Vacca is a resident of Sardinia who carries on its rich history in cooking.

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